Evangelism, Guides to the Practice of Evangelism

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The following resources offer practical suggestions and strategies for evangelism. Most are based on either hard research or exemplary practice in reaching people with the Gospel.

Although all these resources operate from a theological orientation, most do not articulate it. They assume readers who share their beliefs about salvation and evangelism are ready to engage, and describe the best methods and approaches. Those interested in theological reflection on evangelism, including missional and emergent perpsectives, may benefit from the guide on Theology and Practice of Evangelism.

The ministry resources are divided into the following categories:

Effective Evangelistic Churches (Evangelical)

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Evangelism in Contemporary Culture, Special Challenges (See also Muliti-Generational Issues)

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Evangelism Approaches, Missional (see definition)

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Evangelism Approaches, Missionally Responsive/Evangelical (see definition)

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Conversational/Relational Evangelism

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Service-Based Evangelism

  • See the section in Social Ministry-Social Justice that discusses the service-based approaches by Steve Sjogren, Lewis/Wilkins, David Crocker and others.

Evangelism Approaches, Event Evangelism

Evangelism Approaches, Modern Classics

Ministry Resources on Hospitality

There is a growing interest among Christian communities to recover the biblical teaching on hospitality. This is a helpful study for both Evangelism as well as Church Welcome, Greeting. Below is a first of several resources to be listed in this section.

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