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Social Ministry, Social Justice – STRATEGIES

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Creating Congregational Readiness for Christian Social Ministry, Social Justice

Generating Ideas and Enthusiasm for Christian Social Ministry, Social Justice

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Choosing the Social Ministry Strategy that Fits Your Context — Structured Programs

Category 1: The following resources are good for highly pragmatic “Great Commission” churches that do not feel compelled to work through political overtones regarding social action, and simply need base level instruction, motivation, examples, guidelines, and developmental strategies to move beyond proclamation to incorporate more comprehensive demonstration of the Gospel. (See also, Less Structured Programs below)

Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson, The Externally Focused Church Series:

Category 2: Evangelical churches that need more theological stimulation and must navigate political sensitivities should look at Tim Keller’s resources. This is not because Keller is politically aligned, but in fact he does a better job than most in a-politicizing social ministry. He addresses the respective roles of the church, family, and government in helping others, with an emphasis on the church. Two volumes are helpful.

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Category 3: Churches that need a developmental, task-force/committee-oriented approach could certainly benefit from any of the above, but will appreciate the well-researched approach in the following work:

Category 4: Congregations needing to respond to significant demographic shifts in their surrounding with a more missional stance may need the Dudley-Ammerman series on faith-based community ministries.

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Choosing the Social Ministry Strategy that Fits Your Context — Less Structured Programs

1. Steve Sjogren, Servant Evangelism Series and Robert Lewis and Rob Wilkins, Church of Irresistible Influence Series – Great for churches that are averse to a lot of organized congregational efforts, and simply want a grass-roots approach the unleash individuals for acts of service that draw others to God’s love.

Church of Irresistible Influence:

Sjogren, Servant Evangelism:

2. David W. Crocker, Operation Inasmuch Series – This series takes a different angle. Inasmuch is for churches that find it more advantageous to begin with one-day missional projects and then, through Samaritan Way, migrate into more sustainable efforts and lifestyle changes.

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