Christian Leadership Development Through Communication Competence

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Leadership development is a universally recognized necessity for all leadership styles and approaches, especially with transformational leadership and empowerment. Ministry resources convey the theme that leaders must develop in at least two ways. First, and most important, is their walk with God through the experiences of life. This concentrates not so much on the “doing” as the “being” of the leader. It stresses the importance of an authentic walk with God and genuine spirituality which manifests itself through an increasingly Christ-like character, and consistently high standards of ethical and moral conduct. The second area of leadership development covers the skill sets necessary for leadership competence, encompassing both relational and task dimensions.

Leadership Development Through Communication Competence

One of the most important skills of leadership generally is the ability to relate to others authentically and meaningfully. This is upheld in virtually all theories of leadership. It is especially important when dealing with conflict and difficult people and difficult conversations. Most church members will respond best to leaders who have good “people skills.” Conversely, the main reason for dissatisfaction and even involuntary termination is “interpersonal incompetence.” The following guides are targeted specifically at helping leaders develop relational intelligence. Remember to see the list at the bottom for resource suggestions in related areas.


Skills Building:

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