Burnout in Church Leaders, Preventing and Overcoming

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Part of the ministry resources on Burnout and Self-Care for Church Leaders.

The following ministry resources focus on understanding, preventing, and overcoming burnout in church leaders. Each resource is listed in alphabetical order unless indicated. Hopefully each is described sufficiently for church leaders to assess the direct value for their situations.

CLASSICS on Church Leader Burnout and Self-Care

  • Seward Hiltner, Ferment in the Ministry — Addresses how some respond to the outward critique of ministry by a “failure of nerve” that acquiesces to pressure. Proposes an unapologetic defense of Christian ministry.
  • William H. Willimon, Clergy and Laity Burnout — This was among the first books on the subject, and is still widely recommended. Sensitive, but not soft-pedaling. Suggests the root cause of  burnout in church leaders is lack of meaning, and proposes ways of nurturing that meaning.

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FIRST READS on Church Leader Burnout and Self-Care

Other Helpful Resources

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