Leading Transition and Change in Church

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Leading Transition and Change in the Church

Part of the LifeandLeadership.com resources for church leaders on Transition and Change in the Church.


Providing leadership for change in the church certainly involves more than setting a good process in motion. Other dynamics are addressed in the ministry resources on Concepts and Theories for Church Change and Creating Receptiveness and Overcoming Resistance to Change in the Church. Yet, provided all other aspects are given due attention, there is no substitute for good process. The old saying, “Trust the process,” is certainly true with regard to church change.

The following ministry resources present refined processes for dealing with change, the actual alteration, and transition, the inner reorientation persons make in adjusting to change. These are followed by a list of several good supplemental volumes on the subject.

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Process and Strategy for Change in the Church

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Leading Transition, the “Human Side” and Internal Adjustments of Church Change

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Other Works on Change and Transition

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