DISC Personality Styles, D – Dominant

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In the DISC Personality Test, the first letter in the acronym is “D” for “Dominant” tendencies. The list below describes the characterstics of those who score high “D.”

Basic description – DOMINANT, Demanding, Driving, Determined, Decisive, Doers

Ancient Greek (Hippocrates) — “Choleric”

Wilson Social Style — Driver

Celebrity “D” Personalities – Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin

Emphasis – Shape the environment by overcoming opposition to achieve results

Strengths – Get immediate results, cause action, embrace difficulties

Blind spots under pressure – Pushy, impatient, domineering, aggressive, tough, harsh

Outgoing – Initiates action, expresses opinion, leads, “mover and shaker”

Achievement-Oriented – Takes on new challenges, overcomes obstacles, tries new things

Conflict – Faces it head on (and sometimes creates it) through confrontation, wants to resolve quickly and move on

Fast-paced – Gets things done quickly and efficiently

Facts over feelings – Objectively sees the logic of a situation but may be blind to others’ feelings

Change – Prefers the new and untried over status quo, imaginary, visionary, creative

Individual over group – “Believe me, I can get this done!”

Contributions – Adventure, determination, results, creativity, innovation

***See the description for other DISC Personality Types – High I, High S, High C***

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DISC Profile, DISC Personality Test, DISC Test, DISC Assessment