Social Ministry Among Urban Poor, Urban Ministry

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URBAN MINISTRY – Social Ministry and Social Justice Among the Urban Poor

Part of the ministry resources on Christian Social Ministry, Social Justice. It is categorized in the site archive that is not updated past 2012.


Urban ministry is a very specialized form of outreach. Those who engage it should do so only after they have consulted widely, perhaps even with specialists to help them understand their contexts. The resources below are not exhaustive, but representative of the field. They offer enough for church leaders to gain basic exposure to the dynamics of urban ministry. Yet it will probably be necessary to go well beyond what is listed.

General Introductions and Strategies for Urban Ministry

 First Reads:

Strong Supplements:

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Generating Ideas and Enthusiasm for Urban Ministry

Theology and Philosophy of Urban Ministry

Each of these resources conveys an important theological or philosophical perspective on urban ministry. They are not philosophically opposed to each other, and when viewed together offer a more fully-orbed picture of the complexities of urban outreach.

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