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Part of LifeandLeadership.com ministry resources on Missional Church and Christian Social Ministry, Social Justice, and Urban Ministry.


A major emphasis in the missional conversation is that all of life should be subsumed under the mission of God (missio Dei). This involves the abandonment of dichotomies such as sacred-secular and clergy-laity. Instead, all persons are ministers who take seriously the call of God in all walks of life. A key is seeing life through the eyes of Jesus, adopting the same incarnational life, “taking up dwelling” in and among the world to make a transformational kingdom impact.

This is addressed more extensively in a section of LifeandLeadership.com on Spirituality and Spiritual Formation. What follows below, however, highlights a few key texts on living missionally.

Some may need introductory exposure to the missional conversation. For that purpose, please visit the index to resources on Missional Church.

I have listed the resources below primarily according to author and subject, and then in suggested order under each category.

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First Reads on Missional Spirituality

Shapevine Series on Missional Spirituality – Frost and Hirsch

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Radical Series – David Platt on Missional Spirituality

Spirituality and Social Ministry

New Monasticism, New Friars (Claiborne, Bessenecker)

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Children’s Spiritual Formation through Missional Engagement

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Missional Spirituality of Work 

First Read:

Other Helfpul Volumes:

Missional Spirituality of Business

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Spirituality and Life Calling

Other Helpful Works

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Missional Perspectives for Christian Ministry:

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