Church Administration, General Manuals

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Part of resources for church leaders, with emphasis on Church Administration

**Resources are listed in recommended order, unless alphabetical

These ministry resources are the standard, general manuals on Christian leadership in church administration. These are the single-volume comprehensive tools that do not focus on one area church administration, but attempt to give baseline instruction on all administrative tasks. Each has its respective strengths.

General Church Administration Manuals, Theological and Pastoral Foundations – First Reads

Theological Foundations for Church Administration: Robert N. Bacher and Michael L. Cooper-White, Church Administration: Programs, Process, Purpose (Theology and the Sciences) — Good on Christian leadership and church administration generally, but is unmatched at the integration of theology and spiritual formation relative to congregational management.

Theoretical Foundations for Church Administration: John W. Wimberley, Jr., The Business of the Church: The Uncomfortable Truth that Faithful Ministry Requires Effective Management – Uniquely interprets church administration tasks through emotional systems theory.

Pastoral Foundations for Church Administration: Louis B. Weeks, All for God’s Glory: Redeeming Church Scutwork – Insists that church administration be seen as pastoral care, and provides insight on how to engage it so as to open and deepen pastoral relations. Argues that effective execution of day-to-day details builds the trust that is essential to the care of souls.

General Church Administration Manuals, Administrative Tasks – First Reads

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General Church Administration Manuals – Other Good Resources:

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General Church Administration Manuals, Emphasis on Organizing, Planning, Goal-Setting, etc.

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General Church Administration Manuals – Seasoned Advice

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