DISC Personality Styles, I – Influencing

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The second letter in the DISC Personality Test is “I” for the “Influencing” orientation. Here are the tendencies of those with strong “I” tendencies.

Basic description – INFLUENCING, Inspiring, Impressive, Interactive, Interested in People

Ancient Greek (Hippocrates) — “Sanguine”

Wilson Social Style — Expressive

Celebrity “I” Personalities – Dolly Parton, Drew Carey, David Letterman, Carol Burnett

Emphasis – Shape the environment by influencing or persuading others

Strengths – Contacting people, making favorable impressions, articulate expressions

Blind spots under pressure – Disorganized, undisciplined, manipulative, excitable, reactive, vain

Outgoing – Likes to be out front, wins confidence and support of others

People-Oriented – Looks for ways to be with friends and make more friends

Conflict – Disklikes it but tries to overcome it through the power of persuasion and positive, winsome interaction

Fast-paced – Creates positive, energetic and enjoyable circumstances

Feelings over facts – Tries to engender better feelings, may compromise to maintain popularity and good will

Change – New possibilities are better than the old ways, easily drawn to current trends

Group over individual – The more the merrier, mix work and play

Contributions – Imagination, spontaneity, inspiration, participation

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DISC Profile, DISC Personality Test, DISC Test, DISC Assessment

DISC Profile, DISC Personality Test, DISC Test, DISC Assessment