Ministry Staff, Team Ministry – Index

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Team Ministry, Ministry Staff – Index

The term “Team Ministry” or “Ministry Teams” is used broadly to refer to virtually all aspects of cooperative work in congregations. It helps to make some distinctions. Follow the links to ministry resources interest.

  1. Team Ministry – General Resources – Explains the underlying philosophy of team ministry, with literature from outside ministry circles.
  2. Team Ministry – Church Leaders and Church Staff – Addresses issues of paid church staffs as well as the broad relationship between all appointed leaders, including church staff, elders, deacons, etc.
  3. Team Ministry – Personnel, Church Staff Evaluation– Equips in designing and executing effective assessments for ministry staff and other paid workers.
  4. Team Ministry – Church Member Involvement (or Lay-Ministry Teams) – Falls within the broader category of volunteer involvement through the framework of teams

**See also my other site on using the DISC Personality Profile for Ministry Teamwork

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