Leadership Approaches – Intuitive Leadership

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Part of the following ministry resources: Christian Leadership, Empowerment, Transformational Leadership. See also the closely related field, Leadership and Emotional Systems, Self-Differentiation and Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Primal/Resonant Leadership.


Leading from Values, Feeling, and Intuition is based on the idea that while most leadership training and skills-building, as well as judgments of leadership competence, emphasize the external, rational competencies of information-gathering, strategic planning, etc., there is another dimension that is just as important. It is the internal world of values, feelings, and intuition. These dimensions are not to be trust apart from the other competencies, but neither should they be ignored or minimized.


A strong proponent of intuitive leadership is John Townsend. One major text discusses this aspect of leadership in detail.

As indicated above, Townsend reads well alongside literature on Emotional Systems and Emotional Intelligence.

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