Greeting, Church Welcome, New Members

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Most established churches, new plants, and other missional communities have ongoing concerns about how best to welcome those who visit their assemblies. There is the additional concern of helping interested persons become an accepted part of the church family, grow in their disciplined commitment to God’s will for their lives, and work cooperatively with the body of Christ in ministry.

Most materials on this subject are written out of a church growth/attractional philosophy which is considerably more aggressive and uses corporate language such as “assimilation.” Some of the missional perspective hear this language as cold and mechanistic. And while they may be less focused on inviting people to services and making impressions, they are equally concerned about welcoming and removing barriers through a spirit of hospitality. Many of the resources below may be usefully adapted to either orientation.

Welcoming and New Member Integration is closely related to other Ministry Resource Guides on Exercising Spiritual Gifts in Church Ministry, Managing Volunteers, Ministry Teams, and Spiritual Gifts.

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Follow the links to the ministry resources below for more detailed summaries. See also the list at the bottom of the page referencing related ministry resources.

First Reads on Church Greeting, Church Welcoming, and New Members

Other Helpful Ministry Resources on Church Greeting, Church Welcoming, and New Members

Ministry Resources on Hospitality

There is a growing interest among Christian communities to recover the biblical teaching on hospitality. This is a helpful study for both Greeting/Church Welcome as well as Evangelism. Below is a first of several resources to be listed in this section.

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