Involvement, Spiritual Gifts in Christian Ministry

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Involvement, Spiritual Gifts for Christian Ministry


Universal to all understandings of church ministry is the belief that disciples should steward their spiritual gifts to forward the mission of God and build up the body of Christ, and that leaders must equip people for this. This is referred to in various says, depending on one’s perspective.

Most of the material on this subject adopts terms like “member involvement,” “ministry equipping,” “gift-based ministry,” etc. Not all are comfortable with these expressions. Some avoid the use of impersonal corporate language such as “membership” and “assimilation,” and prefer terms such as stewarding, missional lifestyle, or discipleship as an integral part of belonging to missional communities. Also, many who lead smaller churches prefer language that elevates the sense of family, and often must address the reality that without the critical mass of larger churches, the emphasis cannot be on gift discovery, but on making sure enough people are unselfishly attentive to the functions of the church. Nonetheless, most of the resources below contain insights that may be usefully adapted to a variety of needs or orientations.

Involvement through the exercise of one’s spiritual gifts in church ministries is closely related to other ministry resources on Greeting and New Member Integration, Managing Volunteers, Ministry Teams, Spiritual Gifts and Missional Lifestyle, Discipleship, and Spirituality.

Follow the links to the ministry resources below for more detailed summaries. See also the list at page bottom referencing other ministry resources.

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Spiritual Gifts in Church Ministry

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