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The following ministry resources address various aspects of the life of Christian discipleship.

DISCIPLESHIP – Strategies for Church Leadership, Church Health and Renewal – These resources offer insights on how to lead congregations so that people are deeply transformed. Most of them propose systems that are designed to move believers from elementary exposure to the gospel all the way to fully engaged discipleship.

Evangelism – Guides to the Practice of Evangelism – Since part of the Great Commission, as expressed in the Gospel of Matthew, is to “make disciples of all nations,” one would expect the better materials on evangelism to emphasize the theme of discipleship.

Ministry Involvement – Spiritual Gifts in Ministry – A necessary part of discipleship is exercising one’s spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ and advance the kingdom.

Missional Lifestyle, Discipleship, Spirituality – A strong emphasis in missional literature is that our lives should be patterned consistently after Christ, learning of him and following him, which is the essence of discipleship.

Spiritual Formation – One definition of spiritual formation is “disciplined cooperation with the Spirit’s work to transform us into the image of Christ for the sake of others and for the world.” One could restate this simply as “growing in discipleship.” They are different ways of referring to the same thing.

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