Church Leadership Strategies, Traditional Church Renewal

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Traditional Church Revitalization

Part of the ministry resources on Church Leadership and Renewal.

Much of the material on church leadership and church health leaves the impression that in order for churches to remain vibrant in today’s culture, they must shift completely to contemporary models. In many situations, however, a more realistic and successful approach is for leaders of traditional, established churches to unapologetically affirm their special characteristics, and develop them to their highest degree of excellence. The following ministry resources address this approach, either directly or indirectly.

Church-Based Ministry Resources

Business-Based Ministry Resources

The research of Jim Collins, while not geared to churches, lays out the best practices of companies that have staying power, especially those that have the finesse to flourish and thrive through several cycles of turbulent market periods. These insights are instructive for established churches. Collins careful research refreshingly dispels myths and pinpoints exactly what it takes to remain strong over the long haul. His research is found in three volumes:

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