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Communicating with a DISC Profile High I Personality

The “I” in the DISC Personality Test stands for Influencing. Here are positive signals you are dealing with an influencer: Optimistic Charming People person Keen eye for the big picture Inspires others and enlivens the social environment I’s have no difficulty getting their point across to others. The question is, what is best way to

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Communicating with a DISC Profile High D Personality

The ‘D’ in the DISC Personality Test stands for Dominant. D types are… Direct, sometimes blunt To the point Prone to tell it like it is D types care about results, and they like to be in charge. They set high standards, both for themselves and others. Like all other DISC Profile types, they have

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Best Books On DISC Personality Test

Robert A. Rohm, Positive Personality Profiles: Discover Insights Into Personalities to Build Better Relationships This book provides a basic overview of DISC behavioral styles and a foundation for understanding the DISC behavior model. It identifies traits and behavioral preferences for each style. This is the best overall introduction to DISC. It is written in a

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Best Parenting Books on DISC Profile

DISC Profile Resources For Parents And Teachers Charles F. Boyd, with Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Different Children, Different Needs: Understanding the Unique Personality of Your Child This book helps parents, teachers, counselors and others who work with children understand each child’s unique design. Adults must adapt their style rather than expecting children to respond to

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