Using DISC Profile to Improve Relationships

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DISC Personality Test Helps You INTERACT POSITIVELY With Others

DISC Profile equips you to tailor your communication with people to make the best connection. This is one of the greatest strengths of the DISC Assessment. I am not aware of a more complete (yet succinct) guide to knowing how to communicate with people in a way that best fits their orientation. For example, since “D” types are usually fast-paced and task-oriented, you are not likely to get a good response with a lot of small talk and “beating around the bush.” Be courteous, but get to the point quickly, and expect a quick, results-oriented response. “S” types are the opposite. With them, a softer, indirect approach works best. With “I” types, be prepared to let them do most of the talking and give them lots of happy, warm feedback. For them, conversations must “feel” good. On the other hand, “C” types are into facts, not feeling, and do not like it when people “multiply words.” They like respectful, thoughtful and thorough communication, and often prefer things in writing. The DISC Test provides amazing insight to help in similar everyday situations.

DISC Personality Test Helps You Recognize Others’ Styles and Adjust Your Behavior to Build Relationships

DISC Profile helps you “read” others, not to label them, but to relate to them more effectively. The DISC Assessment provides a simple model to interpret others’ behaviors. For example, if you see someone who is walking briskly and multitasking, seemingly oblivious to everything that is happening around them, this is probably a “D” type. Knowing this, you can simply give them space to get their work done, realizing their “disinterest” in you is not personal, it’s just their way of enaging the tasks before them. On the other hand, if you are that “D” person who shows up to work at lightning speed, and barely looks up from your cell phone to make an abrupt request of an “S” worker, that is probably not the best approach. Since the “S” prefers amiability and kindness, you will connect more effectively if you slow down, put the phone away briefly, smile, express a kind and genuine greeting, and then say in a softer tone, “I wonder if you can help me with…” These are just a few of hundreds of ways the DISC Personality Test can help improve relationships.

DISC Profile is a great tool to build relationships! These features, along with the many personal benefits, are why millions worldwide continue to use the DISC Personality Test.

While DISC Test has many benefits, it is also important to know How Not To Use DISC Profile.

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