Using DISC Personality Test in Leadership Development

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DISC Profile is one of the most widely used tools in leadership development

DISC Personality Test helps you understand your natural leadership tendencies, how others perceive you, and how to adjust your behavior to influence people of the same or different types more effectively. One of the chief benefits of the DISC Profile for leadership growth is its simplicity. It describes yours and others personalities in understandable terms, and provides brief, workable suggestions for boosting your productivity with each style. DISC Test also helps you appreciate and adjust to the way others lead. Here are a few ways the DISC Assessment, especially the Leadership Version, enhances leadership.

DISC Profile shows how each type prefers to lead

  • D’s lead directively and out in front.
  • I’s lead inspirationally from the middle of the pack.
  • S’s lead supportively from behind.
  • C’s lead cautiously alongside.

DISC Personality Test explains how each type prefers to be lead

  • D’s like options, territory, control and an opportunity for individual accomplishment.
  • I’s like excitement, interaction with people, and fun, creative, flexible environments.
  • S’s like leaders with controlled, stable behavior who kindly spell out how they need help.
  • C’s like leaders who allow them time to think through things and do them right.

DISC Profile describes how style prefers to get things done

  • D’s prefer the FAST way.
  • I’s prefer the FUN way.
  • S’s prefer the TRADITIONAL way.
  • C’s prefer the PROPER way.

These and many other insights are found in the 65-page Leadership Edition of the DISC Profile.

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DISC Profile, DISC Personality Test, DISC Test, DISC Assessment