Reimer, The Hospital Handbook

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Lawrence D. Reimer and James T. Wagner, The Hospital Handbook: A Practical Guide to Hospital Visitation. Morehouse Press, 1988.

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The authors describe today’s hospitals and health care facilities, and how the minister may find entry as a respected team member to facilitate the spiritual dimension of healing. They place great importance on prayer and scripture, and offer guidance on special situations such as children and terminal illness. There is a helpful glossary of medical terms at the end.

From the Publisher

Hospital visitation is a vital part of any church’s ministry. Written for the divinity student, the beginning or experienced pastor, and the lay person, this helpful handbook offers comprehensive guidance on many important aspects of pastoral care of the hospitalized.

In The Hospital Handbook, readers will find valuable advice and practical information on how to understand the hospital’s structure, gain access to its systems, and establish a rapport with staff, as well as explanations of hospital protocol and etiquette. The authors also explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of illness, and specific information on the needs of particular kinds of patients, including children, adolescents, substance abusers, plus AIDs, psychiatrics, and terminally ill patients. Resources for prayer, scripture readings, and sacraments are included.

About the Author

The Rev. Lawrence D. Reimer is pastor of the United Church of Gainesville, Florida, and UCC Campus Minister at the University of Florida.

The Rev. James T. Wagner, Ph. D., is director of Pastoral Care at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida.

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