Maxwell, Talent is Never Enough

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John C. Maxwell, Talent is Never Enough: Discover the Choices That Will Take You Beyond Your Talent. Thomas Nelson, 2007.

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Brief Intro to Maxwell

John Maxwell is perhaps the most widely-read author on leadership and life-effectiveness today. cross-lists Maxwell’s writings under different categories:

  • Inspiring Leadership — Maxwell is a strong leader in his own right, and equips people to exercise leadership that brings out the best in others.
  • Leadership and Life-Effectiveness — In a manner similar to many authors in the success genre, Maxwell presents his insights in terms of what it means to lead a more productive life.

Each of his volumes makes a solid contribution to literature on these subjects, but with so many titles, it is often hard to know where to start. The Ministry Resource Guide on the John Maxwell Leadership Library may help readers understand the unique value of each of his works, and how each relates to the others.

Observations on Talent is Never Enough

This is an excellent Maxwell-style reminder that talent alone is no guarantee of effectiveness in life and leadership. He discusses the other key ingredients that must accompany talent before it is realized. This is a good supplement to the plethora of literature on strengths-based leadership.

From the Publisher

New York Times best-selling author Dr. John C. Maxwell has a message for you, and for today’s corporate culture fixated on talent above all else: TALENT IS NEVER ENOUGH.

People everywhere are proving him right. Read the headlines, watch the highlights, or just step out your front door: Some talented people reach their full potential, while others self-destruct or remain trapped in mediocrity. What makes the difference? Maxwell, the go-to guru for business professionals across the globe, insists that the choices people make-not merely the skills they inherit-propel them onto greatness. Among other truths, successful people know that:

  • Belief lifts your talent.
  • Initiative activates your talent.
  • Focus directs your talent.
  • Preparation positions your talent.
  • Practice sharpens your talent.
  • Perseverance sustains your talent.
  • Character protects your talent… . and more!!

It’s what you add to your talent that makes the greatest difference. With authentic examples and time-tested wisdom, Maxwell shares thirteen attributes you need to maximize your potential and live the life of your dreams. You can have talent alone and fall short of your potential. Or you can have talent plus, and really stand out.

About the Author

In 1985, John Maxwell founded The INJOY Group, a collection of three distinct companies that employ 200 people and provide resources and services that help people reach their personal and leadership potential. In addition to building a successful organization, John has authored more than thirty books, including the New York Times best sellers The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and Failing Forward.

Called the nation’s foremost expert on leadership, John was born in central Ohio five and a half decades ago. He credits his excellent leadership instincts and his early leadership training to his father, Melvin Maxwell, whom he followed into the ministry. For over twenty-five years, John led churches in Indiana, Ohio, and California.

In 1995, John began dedicating himself full-time to writing, speaking, and consulting. Each year he speaks live to more than 350,000 people. Known as a dynamic communicator, he is in high demand on the topic of leadership, and he speaks to many American corporations and entrepreneurial organizations. He also is a popular speaker for churches, non-profits, sports organizations, and television programs. In addition, he dedicates time each year to teaching leadership internationally.

John has earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees and has also received five honorary doctorates. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife of over thirty years and enjoys spending time with his two grown children and his grandchildren.

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