Maxwell, Bedside Manners

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Katie Maxwell, Bedside Manners: A Practical Guide to visiting the Ill. Baker Books, 2005.

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This is a very useful volume on how to be and not be, what to do and not do, and what to say and not say in visiting hospitals, nursing homes, shut-ins, children, terminally ill, and in helping caregivers. It contains an excellent appendix with suggested scripture readings and a list of support groups for the ill and caregivers. Highly practical. Indispensable guide for ministers.

From the Publisher

Most people have encountered a situation with an ill friend or relative when it has been difficult to know what to say or do. Even pastors and others in ministry are often at a loss when encountered with a critically ill person who is looking to them for some comfort and guidance. Katie Maxwell’s Bedside Manners provides the reader practical directions for offering care in a variety of settings, including hospitals, the homes of shut-ins, and nursing homes. She even addresses often overlooked concerns-such as the pastoral care of children, caregivers, and patients who are dying-and offers intelligent advice like be prepared, be human, be silent, and be positive. Highly practical and inspiring, Bedside Manners is essential reading for anyone who has felt uncomfortable when trying to comfort the sick.

About the Author

Katie Maxwell is the executive director of church ministries at First Covenant Church in Sacramento, California. She has years of firsthand experience visiting in hospitals, in nursing homes, and with shut-ins. Before entering full-time ministry eleven years ago, Katie was a teacher and business owner and author. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother.

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