Kirkindoll, The Hospital Visit

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Michael L. Kirkindoll, The Hospital Visit: A Pastor’s Guide. Abingdon, 2001.

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This is a sensitive and helpful guide for the beginning minister adjusting to the hospital soul-care role. He describes the pastoral role as Christ relating to the patient, as the Holy Spirit (friend, comforter, conficant) in relating to spouse and family, as shepherd in relating to the congregation on behalf of the sick, as colleague in relation to other caregivers, and as patient in relating to one’s own woundedness.

From the Publisher

Along with funerals, hospital visitation is one of the most intimidating tasks new clergy face. Afraid of not knowing what to say when faced with situations of serious illness and death, uncertain of how to negotiate the maze of the medical establishment, and unsure of themselves in the pastoral role generally, they often don’t know where to turn for help and advice about this central, yet tough, aspect of ministry.” “The Hospital Visit: A Pastor’s Guide will help provide just this kind of guidance. Written with student pastors and pastors in the early years of their ministry in mind, it will explore the key situations all pastors encounter in hospital visitation. Beginning with the idea that pastoral care in the hospital setting consists of a “Trialogue” between the pastor, the patient, and the presence of God, Michael L. Kirkindoll explains the pastor’s role in terms of six principal relationships: the pastor’s relationship to the patient, to the family, to the local congregation, to the hospital chaplain, to doctors and other medical personnel, and finally, to the pastor’s own woundedness.

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