Dykstra, Images of Pastoral Care

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Robert C. Dykstra, Images of Pastoral Care: Classic Readings. Christian Board of Publications, 2005.

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LifeandLeadership.com Summary

This is an excellent collection of articles from leading authors on the various ways of conceiving of pastoral care: living human document, solicitous shepherd, courageous shepherd, self-differentiated Samaritan, wounded healer, circus clown, wise fool, intimate stranger, diagnostician, moral coach and counselor, storyteller, agent of hope, midwife, gardener, reticent outlaw. Not only helps the minister gain perspective on the pastoral role, but also introduces one to images that are appealing and suggests which authors to consult for further development of those metaphors. Includes well-known authors in this field such as Boisen, Gerkin, Hiltner, Moessen, Campbell, Nouwen, Dittes, Pruyser, Noyce, Wimberly, Capps, Hansen, and Kornfeld.

From the Publisher

Robert Dykstra’s reading of the pastoral theological tradition is masterful. This book is at once a history of the field, woven together around living illustrations of key moments and metaphors, and a fresh conceptualization. Its three-part grouping of classical, paradoxical, and contemporary/contextual ‘images of care,’ its well-chosen and carefully edited excerpts of each image, and its wisely crafted introductory remarks make this a real gold mine. Seldom does one find a book that is so useful both for ministers desiring a basic introduction to pastoral care and doctoral students seeking a sophisticated understanding of the field. We are indebted to Dykstra for this multifaceted contribution.

About the Author

Robert C. Dykstra is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. He is author of “Counseling Troubled Youth” and “Discovering a Sermon: Personal Pastoral Preaching.

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