Balcomb, Single Digit Youth Groups 2

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Marcey Balcomb, Single Digit Youth Groups 2: More Activities, Plus Mission Ideas. Abingdon Press, 2006.

Prequel: Balcomb, Single Digit Youth Groups

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From the Publisher

This Volume 2 follow-up to Single-Digit Youth Groups focuses on activities for volunteers in churches with only a few youth. This book offers activities that can be used…even with only one or two youth.

This resource helps the small group identify what they can do in mission and service, helping to create life-changing experiences for youth. It includes forms, checklists, and planning aids for a mission trip or service project, plus reproducible pages for many activities.

Even if your church has fewer than 10 teens, your numbers are never too small to offer a relevant youth ministry that powerfully affects their lives. In fact, smaller numbers allow you to devote more time and concentrate greater attention on your precious few. You can actually give more to fewer. These resources are designed to engage every teen, at every level of maturity, without alienating all the rest.

Small churches and churches with small numbers of youth will be delighted that someone has finally written just for them!

About the Author

Marcey Balcomb is a 30 year veteran in youth ministry, currently serving as Director of Common Cup Youth Ministry in Portland, OR. Marcey is co-author of Twists of Faith: Ministry with Youth at the Turning Points of their Lives (1999). She has also written for Faith in Motion, YouthNet, LinC, Connect, Devo’Zine, WITH Devotional, and various other magazines.

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